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What makes us unique

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No more mortality due to oxygen shortage. Take aeration to a whole new level with our Artificial Intelligence based robots which coordinate with each other using Internet of Things. Continuously monitor dissolved oxygen level and aerate only when needed.

A well aerated pond is the first step towards maintaining healthy fish stock.

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Fish Feed

Feed smart with our innovative fish feeder that understands when fish is hungry. It intelligently adapts to the growth of fish and feeds just the right amount ensuring near-zero wastage. Your pond also stays cleaner and you need less frequent maintenance.

Optimized feeding is the key to a good harvest and reduced rearing cost.

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Health Management

Take data driven decisions based on statistics for your pond. Make sure the fish stock stays healthy and active. Take charge of all operating variables with our unique Machine Learning algorithm that becomes more intelligent with each season.

Active fish stock grow uniformly and fetch better price in market.

Bariflolabs Private Limited is an Industry 4.0 compliant startup which offers technological solutions for farmers, co-operatives, villages, communities, cities and industries at a variety of scales. We strive to make farming and environmental management economically sustainable.
What makes us unique?

We are a group of enthusiastic people from diverse backgrounds who carry out groundbreaking research in multi-disciplinary domains and offer turnkey solutions to customers.


A group of highly skilled and motivated engineers working towards the future of the aquaculture industry

Mrityunjaya Sahu

Founder, Chief Technical Officer
(B Tech, PhD,University of Sydney & University of Canterbury Pursued) Environmental Hydraulics

Praloy GHOSH

Core Team Member
(B Tech, NIT Rourkela, MBA, Grenoble Ecole de Management) Innovation Management

Sushanta Kumar Sahu

Core Team Member
(B Tech PKACE, M Tech, PhD NIT Rourkela) Mechatronics Specialist

Supratim Dutta

Core Team Member
(B Tech, MBA, IIM Shillong) Operations Management

Amit Mishra

Professor (Department of Electrical Engineering) University of Capetown

Manasva Bhargava

Technical Designer
B.Tech Mechanical with Specialisation in Automotive Engineering, VIT, Vellore (2020)

Bhaskar Syamal

Technical Analyst
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering with Specialsation in Energy Engineering, VIT, Vellore (2021)

Harsh Malik

Technical Designer
B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering, VIT, Vellore (2020)


Sensor Designer
M.Tech Control & Automation at Vellore Institute of Technology (2020)


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