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Bariflo Labs is an industry 4.0 compliant startup has developed water body management system based on Fluid dynamics, IOT, robotics, AI for aqua-farm management, urban water-body management. We offer technological solution for aquafarmers, co-operatives, villages, communities, cities & industries at a variety of scales.

Detachment of society on surface water bodies such as ponds, lakes, estuaries and overexploitation of groundwater due to agricultural, industry activities have created critical water stress on urban and rural civilization. Also, lack of scientific understanding on degradation of the waterbodies, adoption capital for intervening new technology for farmers, and impact of climate change makes the problem very complex to deal. This in economic terms increases OPEX and CAPEX of farmers and contractors who are dealing with it daily basis for their livelihood. We, at Bariflo Labs, are solving the water quality degradation of lakes, reservoirs and aquafarmers by developing a profitable socio-technological business model in the form of vertical agriculture on top of watersurface and aquaculture within waterbody by implementing robotic technology developed using the concept of environmental hydraulics, Ai, IoT and upgrading traditional methods. Also during the harvesting process we will be generating carbon and water security credits to offset by selling it to carbon rich industry and incentivizing the marginal farmers through our block-chain data framework. Currently We have a presence in Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. The details of which are provided in the product page of our website.

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