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Water Aeration

Lotus is AI-IoT aeration system which aerates by considering sediment oxygen demand (SOD)of the waterbody. The aeration centers on microbubble aeration that aerates by a radial wave generation mechanism at the sediment-water interface (SWI). This helps to reconstruct the oxidized layer. One module can aerate up to 1 hectare

Carp Feeding.

 Feeding carps in hunger and growth of carps at the sediment sediment-water interface (SWI) is done based on the acoustic, motion, behaviour, climatic conditions. Hyacinth is a AI-IoT mobile device which reduces feed wastage and save feeding expenditure. Further, it delivers drugs/probiotics/fertilizer in a mechanism at the SWI for reducing viral and bacterial infections if any

Carp Health Management.

Alga and Vibro takes care the carp health by identifying the health issues and removing the waste from the water column and sediment. Alga provides a complete three-dimensional picture of the waterbody of crucial water quality parameters on a real-time basis and also it identifies viral or fungus infection in the very early stage.

Regular treatment of water by recycling water is done by Vibro. It also infuses benevolent bacteria and microalgae at the sediment water interface .


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