Dissolve oxygen at the sediment water interface is crucial for the health of waterbody. Like human has lungs which requires oxygen to survive, waterbody needs at least 3-4 ppm of dissolve oxygen concentration at the sediment water interface for its survivability. Mostly, bottom dwelling species like crab, prawn etc requires morethan 4ppm of dissolve oxygen at the sediment water interface for the survival. Not only that, majority of organic wastes also oxidises at the sediment water interface. Therefore, for commercial aquafarming aerators are needed for infusing dissolve oxygen to the waterbody. As there are various surface aerators are available, below we have provided a calculator to calculate the demand of aerators needed for aquafarming, considering stocking density, duration of aeration, type of aerator and capacity of air compressor. Presently, the calculator is for BRACKISH WATER SHRIMP aquaculture. Moving ahead, other aquatic species will be added based on demand.

N:B The requirement of sediment oxygen demand of 6ppm is considered for the calculation

The calculation is based on peer reviewed research articles published for shrimp aquaculture farming. Bariflo Labs is not taking any responsibility for the losses of any crop. It is only an effort to give farmers an hint of aeration demand needed for various farming conditions. The judgement is soley rely on farmers congnizance.




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